Top Ten Father Christmas Movies

The festive season will soon be upon us and with that comes Christmas movie time! Father Christmas Movies both old and new are great for getting us in the festive mood plus are great family viewing.  Here we list our top ten choices of Father Christmas films from our number ten through to number one.

10. Bad Santa 2003

Bad Santa

Bad Santa is a 15 rated black comedy about a con man and his helper who pose as Father Christmas in order to rob from department stores over the festive season. This dynamic duo indulges in this crime every Christmas causing mayhem along the way but this year things are different. Along comes an eight year old child who begins to chip away at the robbers, enlightening them to the true meaning of Christmas.

Willie Stokes is the con man played by Billy Bob Thornton, while his side kick is played by Tony Cox. Bad Santa probably isn't everyone's idea of a traditional Santa movie but that's what makes it so funny for most of us. In parts it's quite rude and near the mark while portraying a Santa that is both foul mouthed and hates kids!

The movie's saving grace is that this young boy who is the target of bullies and doesn't have an ideal life himself really touches Willie who tries to give him advice. Ultimately we all feel the movie touches on what Christmas really means. Directed by Terry Zwigoff Bad Santa is definitely an adult's only movie as some of the scenes are graphic in dialogue and action with sex scenes.

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9. The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause 2006

The Santa Claus 3

This is a great children's movie that is the third instalment in a trilogy of movies that has delighted families the world over. The Santa Clause 3 makes really fun viewing as Santa played by Tim Allen, has a rival for his job in the guise of Jack Frost played by Martin Short. Jack Frost doesn't think it's fair that he hasn't been able to be Santa and by using an "escape clause" in Santa's contract he craftily assumes the job for himself.

As you can imagine all does not go well as Jack renames Christmas Frostmas, while he is selfish and lacks people skills wanting Christmas to suit his own ends rather than for the children who look up to Santa. Directed by Michael Lembeck there's plenty of action in this movie and in parts is very funny too.

You may be wondering whether Santa gets his job back. Well we won't spoil the ending for you as fans can buy The Santa Claus 3 at Amazon for less than £3.00. Released in 2006 The Santa Claus 3 is a great feel good movie that will get families in the mood for the festive season.

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8. Christmas Story 2007

Christmas Story

This lovely fantasy drama is set in Lapland and is the story of how the legend of Santa really began or at least is one take on the origin of Santa. Nikolas is an orphan who moves from home to home once a year and decides to thank the families who look after him by making toys for their children as gifts.

As the years pass Nikolas has many families to thank and delivers many presents as a result. At the age of thirteen Nikolas goes to live with a carpenter named Iisakki who helps Nikolas to make the toys keeping up his tradition of thanking his adoptive families. Eventually Nikolas is left alone, while it is then he decides to keep up the Christmas tradition himself delivering toys to all the children.

Christmas Story is an amazing take on the origin of Santa that families will really enjoy watching and is available from Amazon. Made in Finland by Juha Wuolijoki and written by Marko Leino the film promotes the true Christmas spirit of friendship and selflessness we all want to encourage in our own children.

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7. Arthur Christmas 2011

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is a fabulous animated movie from Aardman Animations that is packed with laughs, action and just enough sentimentality to make it the perfect family film at Christmas. Have you ever wondered how Santa delivers all those gifts worldwide all in one night? Well the answer to this question is answered in the first fifteen minutes of this great movie.

 Arthur is the son of Father Christmas who would love to inherit the job when his father retires but has no hope as his efficient brother Steve is next in line for the position. Arthur loves Christmas whereas Steve loves organising Christmas which isn't quite the same thing. When one of the Christmas gifts falls off Santa's state of the art sleigh Arthur along with Grand Santa digs out the old wooden sleigh from storage, along with the reindeer and sets off on an amazing adventure through the skies in order to deliver the gift.

Will Arthur ever achieve his dream of becoming Santa? We just think he may do! Arthur Christmas has a fantastic cast that includes James McAvoy as Arthur, Hugh Laurie as Steve, Bill Nighy as Grand Santa and Jim Broadbent as Santa. Available to buy from  it's a great Christmas movie that kids and adults alike will never tire of watching.

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6. Miracle on 34th Street 1994

Miracle on 34th Street 1994

Miracle on 34th Street 1994 is a remake of the 1947 classic Christmas movie, which stars the late great actor and film director Sir Richard Attenborough who plays Kris Kringle a department store Santa. All the children believe that Kringle is the real Santa as does Kringle himself. The only two people who don't believe he is Santa are the woman who hires him played by Elizabeth Perkins and her little girl played by Mara Wilson.

Kris is threatened with being locked away for pretending to be Santa as the authorities think he must be mad but one lawyer decides to come to his defence in court. By the end of the movie both the girl and her cynical mother believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas and Kris Kringle is saved from the asylum.

Richard Attenborough makes a superb Father Christmas and plays his part well as does Mara Wilson as the cheeky little girl who just wants a daddy and a happy family. If it’s a slushy movie you want with plenty of Christmas sentiment plus a great soundtrack then you won't be disappointed with this film. Re-Written by John Hughes Miracle on 34th Street 1994 is available to buy from

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5. The Santa Claus 2 2002

Santa Claus 2

This movie is the sequel to The Santa Claus and is a romantic comedy Christmas movie ideal for all the family. Santa is busy organising Christmas when he discovers he has only twenty eight days to get married or he will cease to be Santa and the whole Santa dynasty may disappear for good. What will the children of the world do without Santa?

Santa played by Tim Allen used to be married in another life and has a son whom he goes to see just before Christmas. While Santa is away there is a coup led by a clone of Santa and mayhem ensues. There are many new characters in this follow up including a board meeting featuring legends such as The Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.

Will Santa find a wife in time? Will he get back to the North Pole to save his job? These questions and more are answered throughout this funny sequel that is both endearing and very Christmassy! The cast of Santa Claus 2 2002 includes Eric Lloyd as Santa's son, Judge Reinhold and Elizabeth Mitchell, while the DVD is available to buy from Amazon.

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4. The Polar Express 2004

The Polar Express

We just love The Polar Express as it embodies the story of what children want for Christmas in a fabulous animated film that is filled with wonder and excitement. This is the story of a young boy, Billy, on Christmas Eve who does not believe that Santa really exists. He is woken by the loud noise of a steam train pulling up outside his bedroom window, while the conductor, played by Tom Hanks, invites the boy to board the train to go see Santa.

Once on the train the lad discovers that he is not the only child to be invited on this magical trip to the North Pole as many others are sitting in the carriage in their pyjamas. Significant characters taking the trip include a loud mouth boy, a kind girl and a very shy little boy, while a mysterious man clambers across the train's roof and is quite a scary character.

The Polar Express available from, is a voyage of discovery for Billy as he realises when he arrives home that it wasn't simply all a dream but that he had indeed met Santa. How does he find this? We will leave you to enjoy the movie and find out for yourself.

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3. Rise of the Guardians 2012

Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians is a 3D animated fantasy movie that tells the story of the guardians of Santa who are The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Jack Frost, while Pitch Black is their enemy. It isn't what you would call a cuddly movie and is rated PG therefore is not suitable viewing for very young children.

Pitch Black wants to take over the world and it is the job of the Guardians to stop him as this will destroy the imagination and wonder that children have especially at Christmas time. There are some big names voicing the characters in Rise of the Guardians including Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Alec Baldwin as North, Jude Law as Pitch, Hugh Jackman as Bunny and Isla Fisher as the Tooth Fairy.

Rise of the Guardians is available to buy from the official website where fans will also receive a Blu Ray Disc and DVD combo, while the movie is also available for digital download here too. Rise of The Guardians is a good versus evil movie with believable characters that pursue some really exciting exploits. It's not your ordinary every day Santa Claus film but for us that's what makes it different.

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2. Santa Claus the Movie 1985

Santa Claus the Movie

Santa Claus the Movie is the original Santa Claus film of the trilogy and firstly tells the story of how Santa began centuries ago showing how he achieved immortality to become the character children love. The second part of the story focuses on Patch one of Santa's elves played by Dudley Moore. Patch wants to go into the toy making business on his own and joins forces with an evil toy maker, played well by John Lithgow, who wants to rid the world of Santa once and for all.

Santa Claus the Movie features some spectacular special effects with Santa in his sleigh bobbing and weaving under bridges looking wholly believable as he tears up into the dark skies leaving a trail of sparkly dust in his wake. This is a great family movie that is even suited to little children with Dudley Moore depicting Patch the elf splendidly. If you have yet to see this amazing Father Christmas movie then you must buy it now from as it really is a Christmas classic.

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Miracle on 34th Street 1947: Our Number One!

Miracle on 34th Street 1947

So here we are at our number one choice when it comes to Father Christmas movies and it's an amazing classic we think you will agree. This movie won two Best Writing Oscars and Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Edmund Gwen who played Santa. The movie also won Golden Globes in both these categories too.

Miracle on 34th Street is the story, once again, of Kris Kringle who is a department store Santa that believes he is the real thing! The establishment wants to lock him up as they accuse Kris of being mad but he fights back and wins the day in court against all odds. The story also surrounds a little girl, Susan, played by Natalie Wood and her mother who hired Kris as Santa played by Maureen O'Hara who does not believe Kris is Santa.

This original version is heart-warming plus certainly promotes the feel good factor of the season along with oodles of Christmas sentimentality. This amazing movie draws the viewer in and even makes us will Kris to win his case and prove he is in fact the real Santa Claus. Does he succeed? Do the two main doubters change their view? You really do need to see this movie if you have not already done so.

Miracle on 34th Street may have been made in 1947 but its sentiment and superb acting from all the players prove that a great Christmas Movie does not always need to be crammed with special effects in order to be the best!

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