Arthur Christmas Movie Review

arthur christmas movie

Arthur Christmas is one of those animated Christmas movies that children never tire of watching. Released back in 2011 this fun Christmas movie retells the story of Santa Claus in a unique way, while the movie is endearing, imaginative and very funny!

The Story

Have you ever wondered how on earth Santa delivers all those presents in one night? This amazing movie will give you the answer! Its Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is on his hi-tec sleigh delivering presents to all the children of the world. Arthur who is Santa’s hapless son is informed by Bryony the elf (Ashley Jensen) that one gift has been left behind and so begins an hilarious journey in order to make sure the present is delivered on time for Christmas morning. Created by Aardman Animation it’s a wonderfully funny story to warm the heart with big name actors playing the major roles.

In Arthur Christmas Santa rides a supersonic sleigh that speeds through the skies at breakneck pace. The whole operation is guided from the operations base at the North Pole by Santa’s other son Steve (Hugh Laurie) who hopes to take over Santa’s job when he retires. Steve is super-efficient and pretty cynical, while Arthur is rather dozy and isn’t deemed fit to take over the job of Santa which makes him really sad! Arthur has just been reading a letter sent from a little girl to Santa who is asking for a pink twinkle bike but as you may have guessed the bike is the gift that falls off the sleigh and Arthur is left with the problem of not having a very disappointed little girl on his conscience on Christmas morning.

While Santa (Jim Broadbent) is flying through the sky on the S1 sleigh Arthur (James McAvoy) requests the assistance of Grand Santa (Bill Nighy) to haul out the old wooden sleigh used long ago and fly Arthur and the bike to the little girl’s home before she awakes. This is where the real fun begins as Grand Santa hitches the sleigh up to descendants of the original reindeer Dasher Dancer and co and takes to the skies. As soon as they take off an alarm sounds in the operations base and panic ensues with elves running everywhere!

Poor Arthur what a performance! It’s a nightmare of a journey. They lose their way, lose some of their reindeer, land in the wrong place a few times, are mistaken for an alien invasion and cause all kinds of trouble along the way. Hopefully Arthur, Grand Santa and Bryony will save Christmas by arriving with the present before the little girl wakes up. Maybe as a result of his actions Arthur’s family will realise that Arthur loves Christmas more than any of them, especially Steve and recognise that he surely should take over the Christmas reins when Santa parks his sleigh for the final time.

What We Think

Arthur Christmas is the perfect animated Christmas story for children of all ages. In fact, never mind the kids we love it too! Everyone likes to root for the underdog and Arthur is the perfect victim with his clumsy ways. He lives in a romantic world where he feels that Christmas isn’t just a military operation as treated by his brother Steve but is about loving, giving and primarily about children believing in Santa and receiving their Christmas gifts. The message we get from the movie is that Christmas is about families, being kind and generous, while it should also be a happy time for all.

The animation is brilliant, the music is superb, while the relationships portrayed in the movie are wholly believable. The Arthur/Grand Santa relationship is wonderful with Grand Santa being the more boisterous and childlike of the two characters thus making for some really funny moments. The movie brings Santa into the 21st century while also reminding us that modern technology needn’t always replace the traditional methods and values we cherish as a society. At an hour and a half running time the film is perfectly balanced being not too lengthy for smaller children. Were we to rate the movie out of a possible 10 we would certainly give Arthur Christmas Movie a whopping 9.5!  Arthur Christmas is available to buy on most DVD and games websites including on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Prime.

Arthur Christmas should be one of your top choices to watch for any christmas, whether your an adult or a kid, there's much to be loved about this fun filled animated adventure. We'd recommend to your grab Arthur Christmas on Blu Ray in time for your next christmas season.