Arthur Christmas Characters: Personalities & Roles

Arthur Christmas is a great Christmas film for all the family, while it features characters that we all can identify with when it comes to thinking about a typical family anywhere. Sibling rivalry or father son relationships are interesting to study in most families, while this warming Christmas story explores not only the Christmas message but also family relationships too. Let's take a look at the individual characters of this piece delving a little more into what makes them tick.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas Movie: Arthur

Arthur who is the lead character in this story has some really endearing qualities that appeal to many of us. Arthur, who is played by James McEvoy doesn't just enjoy Christmas he absolutely loves everything about it. He loves the fact that children all over the world idolise his father, (Father Christmas) and Arthur has great respect for his dad both as the head of his family plus as the head of the family that provides Christmas making so many children happy.

Arthur is a nervous type of person who is frightened of heights, travelling too fast and worse of all reindeer! Due to his clumsy nature and his phobias Arthur's place is not by the side of his father but in the post room where all the children's letters to Santa arrive. Arthur loves reading the letters as he believes it is every childs right to ask Santa to bring them a gift at Christmas. Arthur can empathise with children plus can feel their disappointment when they do not receive a gift at christmas time.

Summing up Arthur's character we would say that he is happy with his status in life and is a very positive person who truly believes in what he is doing. He may not be the brightest spark but always on the side of what he believes is right Arthur isn't afraid to stand up for what he thinks even if that means risking his neck inorder to make sure one child is not disappointed at Christmas. We love Arthur!

Father Christmas

Arthur Christmas Movie: Father Christmas

In this story Santa is nearing his retirement and is typical of many people reaching this stage in life in that he is looking forward to it but at the same time is dreading it. As with any family run business Santa has to decide who will succeed him and he wrestles with this problem throughout the film knowing his younger son, who loves Christmas isn't really up to the job but also realising his eldest son Steve would be efficient but has no real sentiment for the job.

Father Christmas, who is played by Jim Broadbent is getting old and many of his responsibilities have been taken over by Steve without Santa realising this fact. He has been in this job for as long as he can remember and loves being loved by the world's children therefore it will be a wrench when he finally calls it a day. Santa certainly has clashes of conscience as to whether he should let Steve take over completely or whether to give devoted Arthur the the opportunity he deserves. It is a hard question for a father to answer we think but then finally Santa does make the right choice, putting Christmas first, appointing Arthur as his successor.

It all works out in the end therefore Santa did know best as most elder statesmen in families generally do. Santa has a warm persona in this film making viewers feel that he is indeed the great man all children love and respect.


Arthur Christmas Movie: Steve

Steve is Santa's eldest son and should be the one who takes over from Santa when he retires. He is an unsympathetic character that lacks emotion towards the festive season but is none the less efficient at running the show. This is typical of his type of character, that is great in business, creating efficiency and productivity but on the down side they have no rapport or emotional connection with the people who work with, for, or are their customers, that is the children.

Steve, played by Hugh Laurie, can't wait to be head honcho of the Christmas organisation as he is full of ideas and wishes to modernise things. He takes himself so seriously that it makes you chuckle, while his over confidence spills over like lava from a volcano.

Steve realises in the end that Santa is going to choose Arthur to be his successor and although he isn't initially happy, his job overseeing production eventually is where he agrees his talents lie. We do feel some sympathy for Steve as he has clever traits that any organisation would appreciate but inevitably he is his own worse enemy which contributes to his losing his status as next in line to the Christmas organisation.


Arthur Christmas Movie: Grandsanta

We all can recognise the grumpy Grandsanta character in Arthur Christmas as he typifies a person who feels that "in their day" things were run a lot better and that is how it should be now. They don't like change and all this modern rubbish, as the old ways were the best! Grandsanta never wanted to retire and has always felt superflous to requirements, something that irritates him as he is a very proud old man of one hundred and thirty six!

Grandsanta, played by Bill Nighy, is made to feel wanted and needed when Arthur asks for his help to deliver the missed Christmas gift. In a way Grandsanta is very much like Arthur in that he feels the same sentiment and importance of their Christmas work, check out some of their quotes together here. It isn't simply a matter of figures, targets and efficiency for him.

Many elderly people are stuck in the past always certain the old ways were the best but in this case Grandsanta makes us see that some of the traditional ways we have come to love can be the best even if they aren't strictly the fastest or most productive. Grandsanta gets across the message that we all have a part to play within our own families whether we are a young go getter or a retired chap of yesteryear and we all deserve respect. We like Grandsanta who is a very three dimensional character that is loveable plus makes us laugh too.

Mrs Santa

Arthur Christmas Movie: Mrs Santa

Now we have all heard the saying that behind every successful man there is a loyal, caring driven woman haven't we? Well in Santa's case this is certainly true as Mrs Santa, played by Imelda Staunton, is a very important character in this organisation who may be in the background of the family but who plays a massive part in keeping things together.

We love Mrs Santa as she is very understated but we just know that her influence and knowledge are always there helping Santa make his decisions even when he thinks he thought of the solution himself. Many women today will identify with this state of affairs considering themselves the real "king maker" in other words they are the real person in charge, Santa in this case,just doesn't realise it.

Mrs Santa is very much in favour of her husbands retirement encouraging him all the way, while she also very heavily influences Santa when he is making his decision as to who should take over from him. As with all great marriages mutual respect and listening is the key to a good relationship, while Mrs Santa certainly has these attributes in abundance.